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About We Buy Texas Houses For Cash

We Buy Texas Houses For Cash is a cash buyer business that helps homeowners avoid tricky situations. We provide local market intelligence to help sellers make accurate decisions. By working with us, you can eschew the complexities of selling a house. 

Driven by sincerity, we have your best interest at heart. This company was founded by an alliance of two God-fearing families. Hence, our ethics are based on the desire to provide an honest and superior home selling experience. We have an extending reach spanning the whole state of Texas. 

Consequently, there are no location barriers. Regardless of where you are, we can help. Whether your home is dated, mortgaged, or potentially foreclosed, we’ll take it off your plate! We buy houses in any situation, condition, or reason. 

What Makes Us Unique?

We are driven by a sincere intent to help homeowners. As much as making a profit is crucial, your best interest is a priority. We are deliberate about offering real value in your current situation, even if it means suggesting a great realtor.

Moreover, we are a veteran-owned business, so business means simplicity, honesty, and transparency at its best.

Meet The Team Behind We Buy Texas Houses For Cash

Matt Stark

Matt grew up in Colorado but was stationed in San Diego, California while serving in the Navy. He moved to Northern California, where he worked and studied. He clinched a marketing degree in 2006 and invented a marketing agency in 2007. You’d catch Matt shooting pool, golfing, or going on trips with his wife and kid when he isn’t sealing a deal.

Gagan Saini

Gagan has lived in California all his life. After college, he joined law enforcement. He left the force to work at a logistics company owned by his family. There, he developed an interest in sales. His sales knowledge helped the company grow from earning a few hundred to over 3 million in gross revenue. He sold his shares and launched a career in real estate. Gagan loves spending time with his friends and family in his leisure time. 

How We Guarantee Real Estate Solutions

 We seek to build our transactions on mutual trust. As real estate investors, we strongly believe in creating transactions that offer homeowners solid assurance. Although we buy homes to make a profit, we want to ensure it’s not at your expense. 

We either buy and hold or buy and flip, depending on the most reasonable choice. But we purchase your home at a fair offer! Buying rundown houses is a lot of risk on our path, so we strive to make our estimates accurately. 

We calculate our cash offer with a formula (ARV– repairs– minimum profit– sellers cost). Most times, we end up with anything from 5-15% of the total cost as profit after revamping the home and flipping. 

We are dedicated to creating a result-driven work environment around our core values. Since our core values form the basis of each transaction, we do not take them lightly. 

Our values are as follows:

Commitment: We stay committed to helping you resolve your issue with whatever it takes. If you need a solution, we’ll provide one.

Perseverance: Our doggedness is second to none and keeps our creative juices running. Hence, we can always find a real estate solution to your problem.

Customer Satisfaction: In the end, it’s all about you. We measure our success by the quality of service we render to our clients. Hence, we always keep it premium. 

Transparency: We’ll tell you everything you need to know about selling your home to us. You’d also get a frequent update during the transaction even if everything goes as planned. 

Integrity: We provide only beneficial information to help you and your family make the best decision. Feel free to bare your mind to us confidently, knowing we won’t take advantage of your situation.

Our reputation means the world to us. So, we always work non-stop to keep it untainted by keeping our word. If you contact us now, you will get a cash offer for your home without hassle!

Selling Your Home To A Professional Real Estate Investor: What To Expect

Get our free guide: Pros & Cons Of Selling Your House To A Local Professional Home Buyer! It’s pretty detailed as it entails all you need to understand about selling to a local cash buyer. 

You can also get the information firsthand from us. So, do you want to learn more about selling your unwanted home for cash? Or do you just need a free consult? Get on the phone with our property specialists today at 512-686-6776.  

You don’t need to pay for a consultation. It’s free and honest. Ready to get your free guide, or hit us up? Don’t hesitate to grab either or both opportunities. It’s up to you.

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